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Why Overpricing May Turn Buyers Off

Contrary to a seller’s expectation that buyers will simply bid less than the asking price, most of them will not make an offer on a home that is priced too high for the market. Instead, buyers will look for other options and wait until the price is reduced.

Another reason why sellers do not receive offers for overpriced homes is that buyers may not want to offend or upset them with a substantially lower price. Additionally, since buyers have been comparing homes and prices, they tend to be more knowledgeable of the real estate market than sellers are.

Sellers who overprice their homes may alienate buyers and real estate agents looking for asking prices that are more realistic. Agents tend to dislike showing overpriced homes to prospective buyers because they rarely receive offers for them.

The best solution for a seller is to lower the price of a property right away while buyers and agents still remember the place. A seller may risk losing the best buyer by waiting too long to change the asking price.

what every selling should know

What Every Home Seller Should Know

  • An appropriate listing price will immediately and consistently attract attention and generate activity.
  • If a home is priced realistically and marketed effectively, you will always be able to sell it—even in a declining market!
  • Your house cannot sell for a penny more than the best offer obtainable from the best buyer available in the current market.
  • Thoroughly test the market and aggressively challenge the competition—this is the only way to determine the true value of a house.
  • To yield a better price, testing a bigger and better market with greater skill is a must.

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